Saturday, July 10, 2004

Week 2 - Santa Fe to Turkey Springs, United States

July 3-9, 2004

Santa Fe to Turkey Springs, New Mexico


I went to a really cool church today, El Santuario de Chimayo, outside of Santa Fe, New Mexico. 

There is an area in the church - with a hole in the ground...right down to dirt.  People are free to scoop out dirt to take with is blessed holy dirt. 

The following quote is taken from a little brochure from the church -

"El Santuario was built between 1814 and 1816....Don Bernardo Abeyta was performing the customary penances of the society around the hills of El Potrero.  Suddenly, he saw a light springing from one of the slopes of the hills near the Santa Cruz River.  He went to the spot and noticed that the shining light was coming from the ground.  He started to dig with his bare hands, and there he found a crucifix.  He left it there and called the neighbors to come and venerate the precious finding.  A group of men was sent to notify the priest at Santa Cruz....Upon hearing the  extraordinary news, the priest and people set out for Chimayo.....The priest picked it up and carried it in a joyful procession back to the church....The crucifix was placed...on the altar.  The next morning, it was gone, only to be found in its original location.  A second procession was organized and the crucifix was returned to Santa Cruz, but once again it disappeared.  The same thing happened a third time.  By then, everyone understood that it wanted to remain in Chimayo, and so a small chapel was built....."


The main source of copper in the United States came from the Copper Country in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan until the mines became too deep, therefore, too expensive to mine.  The primary source of copper in the United States switched from Michigan to Arizona and New Mexico.  In the US, nowadays it is mostly obtained from open pit mines as seen in the photo below taken outside Silver City, New Mexico.

As you can see, the underground mining in the Copper Country of the Upper Peninsula does not involve an eye sore as the mining shown in this photo...many find that sad.

On a brighter note, the time spent with the Refuge Party clan was fantastic...


Whew! What a huge undertaking before we left the country!

Kevin drove us about 2 hours south west of Alburqueque, New Mexico to an amazing hot springs...rated the most secluded in all of New Mexico...

Enjoying the most amazing hot springs ever involved about a 2-1/2 hour hike in on a tough-rough trail. Well worth the hike in! No people. Spent the night in a tent.  Fell asleep to really cool frog noises.

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