Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Found a Boat!

Miraculously found a boat to Colombia!! We sail off tomorrow on "Valhalla".

It is not possible to go by bus from Panama to Colombia - the road ends and the only ways to South America from Central America are by air (not our preference), boat (difficult to find), or by foot through the jungle (very dangerous). See information on The Darian Gap.

Our goal of doing this whole trip by land/sea only was not looking so good up until yesterday. We have spent TONS of time sending emails, hanging up flyers, contacting anyone we could think of.... for months.... and have had no luck at all.

We arrived to Panama City yesterday to get closer to the source of information (ports, yacht clubs, etc.). No more than 5 minutes after we arrived to our hostel, a man came to the door to find two guys from Scotland. The two guys were to sail with him to Colombia - yet they were nowhere to be found. But, Kiko and I were! Serendipidy!! And so, we leave tomorrow with Captain Dennis Morris from Detroit, Michigan of all places. :)

I am posting this earlier than normal because I will not be able to post on my regular Saturday date as we will still be at sea. We are stopping at the San Blas Islands first... then off to Cartagena, Colombia.

Oh, and another amazing thing... we ran into our friend from Sweden that we met back in Nicaragua on the island of Ometepe. He is going to sail with us and travel through Colombia with us as well.

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